FFB Rotary Club By Ralph Nollenberger

The Fairfield Bay Rotary Club celebrated their first meeting of 2013 with the first Mr Mayceo, Paul Wellenberger as the speaker. He provided an appropriate renewal. Paul told us about projects that have been done, what is being done and what, he hopes, will be done in Fairfield Bay. Paul told about saving the FFB newspaper, about renovating and leasing the Bay View Club to a restaurant developer, about the dog park construction, about the Hippe Recycle Education Center and the attention that development has garnered across the state and the nation, about another successful deer hunt, about the well- attended Christmas Lighting at Ed Lemmon Park, about the fine job performed by the maintenance crew clearing the snow at Christmas. Mr Mayceo mentioned that in 2012 97 housing units were sold which is an increase of 36.6% over 2011.

If you’ve not figured it out already, Mr. Mayceo is an acronym for Mayor and Chief Operating Officer (CEO) of Fairfield Bay. The combining of these offices is an historic and logical development. Perhaps someday we’ll see a Board of Councilmen or City Directors (but not both) . But I editorialize. Sorry!

The tasks that are being done were described by Paul. Signage, benches and trash cans are being provided for the dog park. The conference center is being remodeled and will be ready by early summer. A public fishing area near the marina is identified and will be developed. Issues concerning the deer hunt are being addressed by the city council (too long? distance from dwellings? ect.).

The projects that will be accomplished were then outlined. New software for the business office will be developed saving on redundant work. The dedication of the conference center will be Oct. 12. There will be no mortgage on it. There will be art and sculpture sales which will earn commissions that will pay utilities. There will be a movie theatre with “soft” seating. The city and the community club will continue searching for private investors to provide overnight housing. Paul noted that 21 villas are available at 50k per each and each would need to be remodeled ( another 50K?).Paul spoke of marketing efforts and the E newsletter.

Mr Mayceo’s presentation was enthusiastically received by Rotarian and guests. Interest was so keen that the “question and answer” session exceeded the allotted time. In conclusion, Paul stated that “Fairfield Bay’s trajectory has changed for the good. 2013 projects and prospects are exciting! Thank you.”

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