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We are pleased that the FFB News is able to continue in it’s print format, and now we are delighted to add a monthly electronic newspaper to give even broader access to all the great things happening in the Bay.

Early March will see the first distribution of the monthly eNews to all residents and absentee property owners who elect to receive this service. The eNews will feature content and special offers not found in the print edition. YOU MUST SIGN UP TO RECEIVE YOUR FREE MONTHLY ENEWS. Visit this address to sign up today:

Email invitations have been sent to all local residents for which the Club has an active email address. We also invited all absentee property owners to sign up for this new service. Many of those folks have been omitted from the local communication stream for years. We want them to remember the dream that led to their land purchase and come join us as we enjoy this beautiful place we call home.

Many people from all around the region and country have been “checking us out” in the past year. Our FFB site is one of the most highly trafficked web sites in the region. Web visits for the past twelve months reveal some interesting information:

Unique Visitors = 50,478
Unique Page views = 259,266
%New Visitors: 54.09%
%Returning Visitors: 45.91%
Leading Cities:
1. Clinton 19.33%
2. Little Rock 5.92%
3. Houston 3.05%
4. Conway 2.65%
5. (not set) 2.25%
6. Fairfield Bay 2.25%
7. Dallas 2.16%
8. New York 1.88%
9. Heber Springs 1.17%
10. Fayetteville 1.14%
Be a part of receiving our monthly eNews on your computer, tablet, or smart phone. Sign up today! Community Club Board of Directors Dwayne Miller

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