Fairfield Bay Receives Two Grants

General Improvement Grant Received

The City of Fairfield Bay is pleased to announce the receipt of a General Improvement Fund grant from our Arkansas Representative, Robert Dale, in the amount of $12,240. This grant will fund the removal and replacement of stalls in the upstairs Ladies Restroom, 2 commercial vacuums, a foldable coat rack, another set of portable audio/visual equipment, secretary chairs, and several maintenance items (leaf blower, pressure washer, 6 & 12 foot ladders, and crowd control devices).

StoryFest Grant Received

The City of Fairfield Bay is pleased to announce the award of a $3,384 grant from the Arkansas Arts Council in support of our 2014 Storyfest event being held in conjunction with Oktoberfest. We are especially pleased that included in this activity is visits to local schools so that they will be able to experience firsthand the art of Professional Storytelling. This year’s Storytellers are Tim Tingle, who brings humor and history into his performances (with tales of Native Americans) and Bil Lepp, who is described as a blend of Jeff Foxworthy and Bill Cosby. Mr. Lepp is a five time winner of the West Virginia’s Liars Contest. Thanks to Alderman John Foster who wrote the grant request and supported it at the Arkansas Arts Council review of projects in Little Rock. Storyfest will be interwoven with Oktoberfest, which will feature lots of vendors, brats, a beer garden, and of course an Oompah-pah band.

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