Fairfield Bay On Patrol August 2013

By: Chris Waring

Nearly every one seems to have a cell phone these days. Nearly all phones have the capability to audio or video record. We get numerous complaints lodged with our department every month that fall into the “he said she said,” category. These are normally threats or disputes between neighbors. One party will report that someone said or did something but have no witnesses or proof of the incident. I strongly recommend that when you are in a situation that can become confrontational, audio or video record the incident. When your complaint is backed up audio/video, it takes all the debate about who said or did what, out of the equation and makes prosecution much easier. As long as you are present when the recording occurs it is legal, secretly recording others is not.

Calls during August featured 5 disturbance calls, 5 reports of theft, 1 found gun turned in (and returned), 4 accidents worked, 1 attempted suicide, served papers on 2 people, 3 reports of terroristic threats and 2 reports of assaults. Also, we assisted the state police on a call, 2 assists to the sheriffs office , 1 report of Fraud, 2 criminal trespassing complaints, 3 attempted breaking and entering complaints, 5 domestic disturbance calls, 1 suspicious vehicle checked, 47 public service calls and 1 naked man running around the mobile home park.

Traffic stops included 2 no license plate, 6 speeding, 3 defective equipment, 1 running stop sign and 1 driving left of center. 2 traffic citations were issued and 5 non traffic citations were issued. Arrests for August, 6 for outstanding warrants and 1 for battery 3rd degree. Warrants were processed on 9 persons and 14 investigations were opened. Questions or comments please e-mail me at [email protected] Be safe, drive carefully and have a great month.

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