Fairfield Bay Library Lifetime Members

The Fairfield Bay Library thanks these patrons who have been, and continue to be, generous supporters of our community volunteer library.  The ongoing support of all patrons through membership and donations is greatly appreciated.
Pat and Gordon Bailey,

Ted and Doris Brown,

Charlotte and Edward Cumings,

Linda and Norvin Davis,

Mark Davis,DDS.

Dolores Hietbrink,

Elizabeth Hope,

Judith Johnsen,

Dick and Bonnie Kellenberg,

Kadie and William McElwain,

Gary Wall,

Sally and Chuck Wheatley,

Mike and Patty Yarbro,

Stas’ and Terry Lee Ziolkowski.

If you would like to become a lifetime member, please speak with Sara Michael, Director. There are 3 other levels of membership available as well.  Thank you, on behalf of the library board, the volunteers and the community of Fairfield Bay.As always, Volunteers, we treasure you. Thank you for all you do year round. We look forward to serving patrons from Fairfield Bay and surrounding areas as well as our many visitors.

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