Fairfield Bay Idea Incubator Team

These are exciting days to be in Fairfield Bay. As Greg Mack, from the Taylor Mack Advertising firm says, “Now we have the momentum going, it is time to ‘Step on the Gas.’

The list of new ideas we can invest our resources on (time, money and labor) is growing and to manage that list, we are establishing processes and procedures that allow us to grow (incubate) these ideas from thoughts to reality. The goal is to not just talk and to dream, but to do. Under the leadership of Recreation Director, Sheryl Paxton, steering team members Bob Berdine, Jennifer Mook and Richard Stratton will provide guidance and structure, encouragement and resources and a voice with the right governing bodies.

The scope of the steering team will be to: 1. Keep and prioritize the master list of ideas and a general status of progress on each, 2. Set guidelines for financial analysis that are appropriate for each idea- the least amount of analysis that will allow intelligent decisions to be made, 3. Select the right ‘can do’ folks to assign to different ideas to fully evaluate them, and 4. Publicize and celebrate our successes.

Currently, there are 20 ideas in the hopper. There is always room for more. Please contact one of the steering team members to share your ideas and thoughts. Let’s ‘Step on the Gas.’

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