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2012 Nationally and locally, home resales suffered a downtrend that endured since 2007. The national housing market has been recognized as modestly improving performance during 2012. Home sales in the Bay enjoyed a very robust improvement in 2012, well above the national average.

Home resales in the Bay jumped from 71 in 2011 to 97 in 2012 – a 36% increase!

Why? It’s difficult to point to just one thing that is responsible for this growth when there are actually many factors contributing:

Our marketing investment is raising awareness of FFB once again, and in a very exciting way.

Wyndham guests are being more engaged to experience the Bay, spending a greater portion of their visit enjoying our local amenities and businesses. Those of us living here understand that to know FFB is to love FFB.

Housing values in FFB are terrific. While price per square foot is increasing, the value is so apparent compared to other regions. Housing dollars go a long way in the Bay! Many are opting to buy older homes and renovate, adding to the beauty of the Bay.

Our local realtors work diligently and professionally developing leads outside the Bay, as well as serving our visiting guests. We are fortunate to have such outstanding professionals representing our community.

One other very critical element to our growth in home resales is YOU. The experience people enjoy as they visit the Bay is so often solidified by the friendliness of our residents. We welcome our guests to participate in our lifestyle and they want to become a part of what we all enjoy here in the Bay.

Community Club Board of Directors /Dwayne Miller

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