ExxonMobile Hold First Fishing Outing In The Bay

ExxonMobile FishThe first of an annual Exxon Mobile customer outing was held in Fairfield Bay on November 14. and 15. Hosted by Exxon Mobile Rep Jeff Larson of the Bay. Pizza and drinks was enjoyed by all attending at the Dock of the Bay Wednesday evening. A guided fishing trip was held Thursday morning with guides Capt Mick,Slo Poke, and Bud Lady Fishing.Fishing was slow due to a recent cold front, but a good time was had by all with the help of a great box lunch by the Little Red. Back to the Dock Of the Bay that afternoon for fun and drinks, then on to Janssen’s Lake Front for a great dinner and cheese cake. All attending loved the Bay and a larger outing is being planned for next year. Thank you Jeff Larson for bring this event to the Bay. By Slo Poke

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