Extension Homemakers Highway 110 Club

Another new member for Hwy 110 EH

We’re always delighted with the addition of yet another new member to the Extension Homemakers Council.  Janine Sheridan and her daughter Sabrina attended the Hwy 110’s June meeting on Tuesday, June 22nd at Shady Grove Baptist Church.  After a unison reading of the club’s Creed, Janine joined the Club and remarked:  “What a lovely thought, I really like that!”  The Creed states:  “I believe in the Extension Homemakers Club program and accept the responsibilities it offers to be helpful to others and to provide for continuous improvement in all levels of living.  I believe that through working together in a group, we can enlarge the opportunities, enrich the lives of our people, and create a more contented family and community life.  I believe in my work as a homemaker.  I believe that the greatest force that molds character comes from the home, and I pledge myself to create a home which is morally wholesome, spiritually satisfying and physically healthful and convenient.”

Thelma Murray and Myrtice Emberton donated and delivered flowers to cheer Penzil Moody and Lizzie Bagley in May.  Because the Vacation Bible School will be held during our normal meeting date at the end of July (the 4th Tuesday of each month at 10:00am), it was agreed that the Hwy 110 Club would meet the week before on Tuesday, July 20th (NOT the 27th) at 10:00 am at the Church so that the members can work on their next project; sewing aprons.  The Club will continue its normal meeting schedule with the lessons on quilt making once we’re ready for the border and finishing touches.  The “learning quilt” has already been purchased and proceeds will go to supplies and needs of the Club.  Also, all members were encouraged to buy and sell tickets for the County Council Quilt Raffle to be held at Christmas time.  Each ticket is $1 or 6 for $5.  The Hwy 110 Club visited the Alread EH in early April to help sew a few stitches on the beautiful quilt up for auction (see photo).  We hope to generate enough funds to support EH throughout the county.

Anyone interested in attending a Hwy 110 meeting is welcome and encouraged to join in.  Call Myrtice at 745-2822 or Deborah at 745-2100 if you have questions or want more information.

For more information call: Cindi Pace 501-745-3143 or cell:  501-253-3142

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