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In today’s world of communication, the Internet and community websites play a vital role in introducing FFB to a new audience. Engaging those who are searching to stop and visit, and also provide enough information to answer their questions or allow them to contact or call. Our website, revised and re-launched last June, continues to develop and grow with relevant and interesting content and information, providing interesting stories, videos, photos, links and more to inspire someone to visit.

For these reasons we spend marketing and advertising energy and dollars focused on getting visitors and prospects to our website. Many mediums help drive people there, such as engaging radio ads and billboards, print media like newspaper and magazine, brochures, remote promotions via third parties, email communications to interested visitors and prospects – all developed to catch attention and cause visits to our website (and ultimately FFB).

We took a look at a week of activity (4/8/13 thru 4/14/13) to analyze the impact of our different media drivers to our website. We found some interesting results:

Wednesday was our busiest day – the day the print edition and updated eNews version of the FFB news is published.

483 people visited our site, viewing 1423 pages of information and spending an average of three minutes on our site. 69% of those viewing were new visitors.

34% of those visiting were referred from an alternate source and 16% were derived from current advertising campaigns – fully 50% of our total traffic.

Our web engineer, Cotton Rohrscheib, delves even deeper into the sources of our traffic and uses this information to help guide us as we evaluate new advertising investments. We are fortunate to be supported by Cotton and professionals like Erin Taylor and Greg Mack at TaylorMack Advertising as we continue our exciting journey to market the Bay.

We are supported by numerous area advertisers with ads on our site and FFB eNews and wish to thank them for their support and their contributions to growing FFB. Your business can also benefit from e-advertising. Please call Dan Feuer at 884-6012 to place your ad.

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