DPS Saving Lives During Critical Times

Bob Holiday

It was in the evening and my home phone rang. The voice was very weak and clearly frightened. It was a very weak lady’s voice and she was clearly distressed and frightened.

She was difficult to understand, but after some talking, she told me her name was Audrey and that she was alone and had fallen and needed help. I kept talking to her and encouraging her to take deep breathes, (I thought it might help her calm down). Her voice was very faint and she obviously needed help.

I asked if she had called 911. She said she had not and could not dial her phone.

I called the DPS non emergency number on my other phone line and talked to Jamie. I explained the phone call and she began trying to find names that might work. Audrey then was able to tell me her last name and her street address. It didn’t make sense. Jamie kept searching and finally picked out a name that seemed to make sense.

While Jamie sent an officer to Banner Mountain, the location she found, I kept talking to the lady. In about a half an hour, she told me there was someone on her front porch. I explained that it was the police and they were there to help her. The front door was locked.

The lady told me where the outside key was. I told Jamie and she told the officer on the scene.

Within the next half hour an ambulance arrived and took Mrs. Shull to the hospital.

She was diagnosed with diabetic shock and could have died without prompt police and ambulance response. Jamie did a great job of coordinating everyone and sticking with it.

The whole thing lasted about 45 minutes. I will never know how the lady called my home phone, but I am glad she did.

If you will look up the weather conditions for that date, it was the night that the storm shut us all down for a week. It was not an easy drive for the police or the ambulance.

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