Diagnostic Energy Test

Petit Jean Electric Cooperative offers a valuable service to its members who are experiencing high energy consumption and suspect a problem within their home. Using a blower door system and thermal imaging (infrared) equipment, air leaks can be discovered, as well as improperly installed insulation in walls and attics, all of which lower the energy efficiency of the structure. There is a $100 cost for conducting the testing, but this is refundable if the home owner has $100 or more in expenses after recommended improvements are complete. The home of Fred Herman, President of the Board of Directors of Petit Jean Electric Cooperative, was recently tested using the blower door system and thermal imaging. There were some common but minor problems with the attic insulation, and a normal amount of air infiltration around doors.

Shown here with Fred Herman are Bret Curry, Manager of Energy Marketing for Arkansas Electric Cooperatives Corporation, Dale Smith, Member Services Field Representative for Petit Jean Electric Cooperative and Chris Bates, Bates Mechanical Service.

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