Deer Hunt Will Continue Through January 2015

During the regularly scheduled meeting of the City Council, the urban deer hunt was discussed and it was mentioned that accoring the City Ordinance, the deer hunt will continue one more season into January 2015. Mayor Paul Wellenberger said that there were no complaints this year and he felt it was due to the changes made to the hunting areas and distance requirments.
In other department news: The police made 6 arrests with 4 traffic stops and 1 citation for the month of January. House watch continues to be a priority. Remmeber that if you are leaving your home for a period of time, contact DPS and let them know when you’re leaving and returning.
Dispatch has most of the radio equipment in and being programmed for installation within a couple weeks, weather permitting.
The EMS has held their monthly EMT Performace Improvement traiing, recruited a new second medical and a new driver. During January, they had 42 emergency runs and 15 non-emergency calls. The average response time for the month was 6.24 minutes well below the 7 minute goal.
John Tyler has been asked to take the lead on planning and costs for the move of the Community Club to Indian Hills. Right now the move could take place in May. Work that needs to be done consists of a new roof, a drop ceiling in the Fairfield Room, additional electrical power and a circuit box to support the equipment.
In economic development news, positive discussions continue with the medical facility. The Planned Community Coalitioon meeting was held at the conference center on January 23.
The wet dry vote request letter has been mailed and an introduction of the request will be made in April at the Second Class Advisory Committee meeting. Sharkey’s and a new Boutique is expected to open in early March.
The Fairfield Bay Conference Center continues to work on additional lodging and pricing is being adjusted.
Donations for the conference center are now over 167K. New art is scheduled to be added on March 3, 2014. So far, there are 5 conferences and 21 events booked. There are 23 conferences and 17 events currently being worked for future dates.
Due to grants recently received, work is underway on setting up the wifi, new computers and the kitchen. due to grants recently received.

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