Dear Editor: Feb 20

Dear Editor:

Fairfield Bay has already awakened my senses and shared many pleasures with my wife and me. This is what home smells like when one finds it. I had the pleasure to meet the staff at the library when my wife and I needed the expertise of a “local” for directions and information concerning the best way to Walmart and, more importantly, where to put our trash. Every road around here seems to be the scenic route. Sheer beauty. God’s own creation. The area has exceeded all of our visual expectations. The friendliness of the locals has done the same. We have moved here from southern Indiana where the landscape is plain, as in flat. The Arkansas mountains with their rocks jutting out of the ground and pines decorating the sides even in winter are moving our hearts. We were right. Fairfield Bay is a marvel to behold…and we get to retire here. Does it get any better than that? Probably yes. Only because we haven’t had the chance to see what the lake brings to the table when the season changes. Aside from the landscape change and the kindness of strangers that we have come in contact with, we have noticed many other positives. The number of churches is astounding. How can so many houses of faith keep their doors open? Those open doors speak volumes about the local people. The local library is supported by donations which also speaks loudly about the community. The signage informing the tourists (and newcomers) about directions and facilities spells out open arms and a sense of welcome to all that travel Fairfield Bay’s roads. We have no idea why the rest of the country has not discovered this area yet. However, we do relish a sense of guilty pleasure that they have not. Here’s to our future together Fairfield Bay. Anyone would be lucky to be in our shoes, or should I say, our condo on the mountain.

Gary and Rebecca Garrison


Dear Editor:

Obama Sending Arms to Egypt President Obama is providing 20 F-16 fighter jets to Egypt, which brings its total to 260; and 200 M1A1 Abrams tanks, bringing its total to 1,200. These arms are offensive weapons which could be used against Israel, resold to other Arab countries or organizations for use against Israel. Given the instability in Egypt and the ascendance of Mohammed Morsi, a devout member of the Muslim Brotherhood, to the presidency in Egypt, we should not be building up Egypt’s armed forces. The Muslim Brotherhood is committed to the destruction of Israel and the imposition of Sharia (Islamic) law in Egypt, other countries in the Middle East and throughout the world. Israel, a democratic and Western oriented country, surrounded by totalitarian and anti-Western, anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-Buddhist and anti-Hindu regimes, must be kept strong to counter threats emanating from various countries in the region. Israel is the only friendly and trustworthy country standing in the Middle East. It needs to be able to purchase U.S. arms, and needs our diplomatic and moral support.

Donald A. Moskowitz Londonderry, NH

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