County, District And State Fair Scholarships Available

Applications are now being accepted at County and District level fairs. Deadline for application receipt is MARCH 1st. State fair applications are due June 1. Data may be obtained from the websites of each fair:,,

The following information is applicable to Van Buren County and the application form may be obtained from the Van Buren County website listed above.

The Van Buren County Fair will award one Creative Arts Scholarship and one Livestock Scholarship to two graduating seniors from the county fair area.

CRITERIA: Applicants must be a graduating senior from the Van Buren County Fair area (Clinton, Shirley, and Southside Schools) planning to enroll in an institute of higher education (Community College, University, Technical or Trade College) in the fall AND pursue at least a two year course of study.

SELECTION IS BASED ON: Degree of involvement in the county fair. Applicants must participate in at least two of five areas of the fairs. The areas are: (1) Creative Arts (Home), (2) Livestock, (3) Youth Talent, (4) Beauty Pageant, and (5) Community Service to the Fair. 1. Leadership skills 2. Community involvement 3. School activities and academics


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