Community Education Center Is Considering Offering A Knitting Class

FFB Community Education Center is constantly on the lookout for new instructors who can teach new material to our residents and visitors who are always hungry for new challenges. Clinton resident, Winnie Brown, has agreed and is willing to teach a class on the five (5) basic points of knitting.
The class will be three sessions long and will meet once a week during July or August. The day and time of the class is still to be determined. Each student will be required to purchase one (1) pair of double pointed knitting needles, two (2) skeins of a solid color thread and a Stitch and Row Counter for the class. The approximate cost for your supplies is $10. The tuition cost of the class is to be $20. Also, if you have not paid your annual administrative fee of $25, you will be required to pay that fee prior to the class. If interested in taking this class, please contact the FFB Community Education Center at (501) 884-4440.

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