Community Club Outperforms Budget For 2013

The financial review for the year ended December, 2013 was presented to the Board by CFO Jack Keathley at the January open Board meeting. Results are unaudited and subject to adjustments during the independent auditing process that will occur in the next several weeks, but the results were most satisfying.

The simply stated objective of the past year’s budget was to operate on a cash available basis and maximize revenues at all Club amenities, insuring that no dues increase would be needed for the 2014 fiscal year and enabling our Club employees to be rewarded for such a performance with a 2% pay increase in 2014.

The amenity managers and their staffs, along with our administrative management team met that challenge, posting a $111,000 surplus for the year after interest and depreciation. The last time a surplus was generated for the fiscal year was 2007. As a non-profit, our objective is not to create a “profit”, but operate efficiently enough to sustain our cash based operational plan with minimal dues dollars required from property owners.

Please be sure to thank and congratulate all of our managers for their efforts to provide operational funding through their amenities, reducing the demand for your dues dollars to supplement the great lifestyle we enjoy living here in the Bay.

Community Club Board of Directors
Dwayne Miller

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