Community Club Board Brings Positive Changes To The Monthly Meeting

The Community Club Board of Directors held their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, January 22.

Under the direction of the newly placed GM, Paul Wellenberger, all the Club department managers attended the meeting and presented a synopsis of what is going on in their respective departments. This gives the Board members and attending property owners a firsthand understanding of what each department is doing. Each manager gave their accomplishments, plans and any issues that may need to be addressed. This format also gives the board the opportunity to ask specific questions.

CFO Jack Keathley presented the 2012 financials for each department using a new chart identifying month and year to date comparisons which clearly shows how each department is doing with their projected budgets.

Highlights include; the Golf Course announcement of 4 new tournaments for the 2013 season, a new flower bed constructed on #10 in memory of James Wiltrout, over 100 soil samples taken from across the course for analysis by the University of Arkansas Extension service prior to lime application. The Country Club had a great holiday season highlighted by the Ozark Health Gala and the New Year’s Eve party (thanks to the Special events Committee). The Club is also pleased to announce the return of Farm Bureau Insurance for their Awards Banquet with over 100 expected to attend. The Marina established a Public Fishing Area. Public Works did a great job decorating Ed Leamon Park for the season and successfully dealt with two snow events. Public Works and the Wastewater Departments teamed up to get the Bay View Club ready for reopening. Recreation established a new website calendar and began preparations for the Easter Egg Hunt. The Fairfield Bay News reconstructed to meet budget needs and initiated a new subscription drive. The Club has committed to a much needed new software package.

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