City Enters Contract To Lower ISO Rating

The City of Fairfield Bay Fire Department is pleased to announce that we have entered into a contract with the Fire Supply and Consulting, Inc. firm, with the specific goal of lowering our ISO (Insurance Service Organization) fire rating from a 6 to a 3. What that means to our property owners that have their property insured with an insurer who considers ISO ratings in the rates they charge, is a reduction in annual homeowner premiums of up to 15% based on the carrier. Additionally, it will make our City a safer place to live and add one more thing to the ever growing list of what makes us an attractive place to live.

The contract structure is set to pay Fire Supply and Consulting, Inc. only if improvements in our ISO rating are achieved. The maximum payout of $24,000 will only be paid if a 3 or better is achieved. They will work with Fire Chief John Evans and the rest of the Fire Department to establish improvements needed and action plans required. An important part of the activity will be to replace mutual aid agreements with surrounding fire departments with automatic aid agreements. The important factor here is that when a structure fire is reported, the automatic aid partners will immediately roll trucks to ensure the availability of water is maintained.

It is anticipated that this activity will require approximately one year for our department to make the necessary improvements and another 6 months to make it through the ISO reappraisal process.

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