Changes To Fees At Animal Shelter Effective Oct. 18

The first time an animal is impounded the new charges are as follows: There is an automatic pick up fee of Forty ($40.00) plus the City License fee for Five ($5.00) for altered animals or Ten ($10.00) for unaltered animals, plus Ten ($10.00) per day maintenance fee if altered or Fifteen ($15.00) per day maintenance fee for unaltered. All owners must show valid/current proof of rabies vaccination or an appointment will be with the veterinarian of the Animal Control Authorities choosing. There will be an additional fee of One Hundred Sixty Five ($165.00) for altering any unaltered animal claimed. There will be a fifteen ($15.00) vaccination fee for all animals that are claimed unless current vaccination history can be validated.

The second time an animal is impounded within twelve (12) months the fee will be Fifty dollars ($50.00) plus Twenty Five ($25.00) per day maintenance for each day the animal has been impounded.

Upon the third violation within twelve (12) and five (5) days, and after a written notice, Seventy Five ($75.00) per day plus Twenty Five ($25.00) per day for daily maintenance charges will be levied in addition to veterinarian charges.

For all subsequent violations the fee is One Hundred Dollars ($100) and a daily maintenance fee of Twenty Five ($25.00) per day will be levied.

Relinquishment of Unwanted Animals: The fee for relinquishment of an unwanted animal is Fifty ($50.00). If a registered animal is picked up after running at large and the owner does not want to reclaim the animal a fee of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) will be billed to the owner to cover any expenses of said animal which may also include humane euthanization of the animal.

Adoption Fees The adoption fees shall include Spay/Neuter, Rabies, and HW tests.

Puppy: Seventy Five ($75.00) Twelve (12) months or younger

Dog: Sixty Five ($65.00) Thirteen (13) months or older

Kittens: Fifty Five ($55.00) Twelve (12) months or younger

Cat: Forty Five ($45.00) Thirteen (13) months or older.

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