Challenges Abound With New Club Software

More than 90 days into the change to the new software, challenges remain numerous. The provider of the Nothstar Software has been inconsistent in providing needed support and training.

Frustrations are high with our Club staff personnel and we are acutely aware that many of our difficulties are affecting our property owners as well. From slow processing of purchases at our amenities to inaccurate billings being delivered to owners, the odds are high that you have personally been impacted.

Please know that we are bringing pressure upon the provider to rapidly address our concerns and that corrective actions to amend improper billings occur immediately when identified. We sincerely regret that the process has been so difficult. Northstar is increasing the support we have asked for and we believe the problems solutions are in sight.

Thomas & Thomas representatives, who provide the Club’s financial audit services, were delighted with our investment to upgrade and consolidate our accounting software. They cautioned at the time that other companies they also serve had experienced extended periods of difficulty with such transitions. They noted that the pain was worth the ultimate gain and that benefits would be substantial. We look forward to entering the “benefits” phase of this effort.

Dwayne Miller /Community Club Board of Directors

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