How Do Mutual Funds Compensate Investors?

As you probably know, a mutual fund may contain many different types of investments, such as stocks, bonds and government securities. But as an investor, you need to pay attention not only to what goes into your mutual fund, but also what comes out of it — namely, the three ways in which a fund […]

How Can the Fed’s Actions Affect You

When will the Federal Reserve raise interest rates? This question has been on the minds of economists and financial market prognosticators for quite some time now. But what does it mean to you, as an individual investor? First of all, it’s important to understand just what is meant by “raising rates.” The Federal Reserve, or […]

Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting

Notice of Petitions

Petitions for nomination of five directors to the Board of Directors of the Fairfield Bay Community Club will be available at the Community Club Office Thursday, March 17, 2016. Candidates receiving the highest number of valid votes shall be elected to the Board of Directors, in order from the candidate receiving the highest number of […]

If Rates Rise, What Should You Do With Bonds

Interest rates are at historic lows. But they will rise eventually. If you invest in fixed-income vehicles, such as bonds, what might higher rates mean for you? As is almost always the case in the investment world, there’s no simple answer. First, it’s important to distinguish between short-term and long-term interest rates. The Federal Reserve […]

Van Buren County Board of Realtors Learn About New Laws for Closings

Sonya Washington, from Cannaday Abstract and Title in Clinton, spoke to the Van Buren County Board of Realtors at their regular monthly meeting in Clinton on February 19. With the changes in lending laws regarding disclosure and funding, Title Companies and Realtors across the nation have been working to be sure that the new laws […]

Looking Ahead in 2016

After a 2nd profitable year your Community Club looks forward to a very active and promising 2016. Our activities and improvement list becomes quite extensive as we endeavor to grow our community. Headlining the list is our 50th Anniversary Celebration April 23 followed by 9 popular events, concluding with the Festival of Trees in December. […]

Explore Different Options When Purchasing Bonds

As an investor, you may find that bonds can be a valuable part of your holdings. But there’s more than one way to own bonds, so you’ll want to be familiar with the various investment vehicles available — because the more you know, the better the choices you’ll be able to make. So, let’s look […]

What’s Happening at the Little Red Restaurant

First and foremost we want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who came to our Mid-Winter Bash! We were astounded by the turnout and it surpassed our expectations and for that we are extremely grateful for all of your support! And because we appreciate your patronage so much, Little Red will be creating […]

My Two hands ready to Open in the Mall

Community Club Public Works Foreman, Darin Liles, enjoys working with his hands and has created many pieces of art in mediums such as wood, metal and leather. Darin has been creating his work for over 20 years and began with his wood working pieces called Intarsia, which have been published on the cover of Creative […]