Investing is a Marathon — Not a Sprint


Investors sometimes may get frustrated with their investments because those investments don’t seem to produce quick results. Perhaps that’s understandable in our fast-paced society, in which we’ve grown accustomed to instant gratification. But investing is, by nature, a long-term activity. If you look at it in terms of an athletic event, it’s not a sprint, […]

Don’t Wait: Sign Up For Health Insurance By Jan. 15 For Coverage To Begin Feb. 1

Arkansans who want to enroll in plans through the Health Insurance Marketplace have until Feb. 15 to do so. However, the Arkansas Hospital Association is urging people not to wait because a person’s signup date impacts when the coverage takes effect, AHA President Bo Ryall said, “If a person signs up between the 1st and […]

Battle Those Low Rates – with Three Types of Income


If you depend on fixed-income investments for at least part of your income, you probably haven’t been too happy in recent years, as interest rates have hit historic lows. Nonetheless, even in a low-rate environment, you can broaden the income-producing potential of your investment portfolio. However, before taking action, it’s helpful to know what the […]

Prepare Far Ahead for Long-term Care Costs


November is Long-Term Care Awareness Month – a month dedicated to educating the public about the need to prepare for the potentially devastating costs of long-term care. And the more you know about these expenses, the better prepared you will be to deal with them. To begin with, just how expensive is long-term care? Consider […]

OUT OF BOUNDS By Geary (Smedley) Leason


How to say Farewell Sedgewick Smedley wrote us the other day to get our slant on how what makes for a good obituary. The obituary section of the newspaper is the first one he reads with his morning coffee. It is the topic that Sedgewick obsesses over in that he is quite aware that his […]

Is Your Portfolio Truly Diversified?


Life is full of ups and downs — and the financial markets are no different. As an investor, you’re no doubt happy to see the “ups” — but the “downs” can seem like a real downer. Isn’t there any way to help smooth out the volatility in your investment portfolio? First of all, to cope […]

2014/2015 Accomplishments & Goals


Club President, Dwayne Miller and General Manager/Mayor, Paul Wellenberger discuss the many accomplishments and goals during the Town Hall meeting on Tuesday, December 9 in the Performing Arts Theater in the Conference Center.   2014 Accomplishments New Medical Clinics- 2014 saw two new medical clinics come to Fairfield Bay. Baptist Health Clinic with Dr. John […]

Be Prepared for the Changing “Seasons” of Your Life


A few days ago, we observed May Day, a celebration of spring. And, after a long and hard winter in many parts of the country, most of us are ready for sunshine, warmer temperatures and the hopefulness that spring always symbolizes. But as winter gives way to spring, we are also reminded that our lives […]

Fairfield Bay Receives Rural Community Grant

Fairfield Bay

Governor Mike Beebe and Department of Rural Services Director John Andrews presented $92,131.59 to 11 rural communities at an awards ceremony on October 22, 2014 held at the State Capitol in the Governor’s Conference Room. The communities were selected for funding through the Arkansas Rural Community Grant Program’s Cycle 1 of fiscal year 2015. In […]

Facts About 2015 Health Care Coverage


By Bob Moos/Southwest public affairs officer for the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services If you don’t have health insurance through your job or a government program like Medicare or Medicaid, you’ll want to read on. You have until Feb. 15 to shop for health care coverage for 2015 through the federal health insurance […]