Think About Sending Financial Valentines To Loved Ones

Americans spent nearly $19 billion in Valentine’s Day gifts last year, according to the National Retail Federation. Much of this money went for gifts with short shelf lives, such as candy, flowers and restaurant meals (and about $700 million was spent on gifts for pets). There’s certainly nothing wrong with giving chocolates or roses. But […]

Exciting New Beginnings at the Marina

by Sheryl Paxton We are looking forward to another great season at the Fairfield Bay Marina this year! We are kicking off spring progress with a few great projects that will improve our marina and services. This includes 24 new 10’x24’ slips, an after-hour credit card fuel pumping station, four new rental boats, and fresh, […]

City Passes 7 Day Enforcement Ordinance

The Fairfield Bay City Council met on Monday, January 11, 2016 with all members present. During the meeting, concerns were raised regarding exterior appearances of personal property throughout the Bay by several residents. City Council members passed unanimously the first Ordnance of the new year, 2016-01, that will accelerate the issuance of a citation to […]

Time for Some New Year’s (Financial) Resolutions

The countdown to 2016 has just about begun. If you’re like many people, you might be mulling over some New Year’s resolutions, such as hitting the gym more, learning a new language or taking a cooking class. All are worthy goals, but why not add some financial resolutions as well? For example … … Pay […]

Time for Annual 401(k) Review?

Once you’ve started contributing to your 401(k) plan and funded it with investments that are appropriate for your needs, you might think you’re in good shape and that your 401(k) is now on “autopilot.” But that type of thinking can actually be counterproductive, because to get the maximum benefits from your 401(k), you’ll need to […]

Be Prepared for the Changing “Seasons” of Your Life

A few days ago, we observed May Day, a celebration of spring. And, after a long and hard winter in many parts of the country, most of us are ready for sunshine, warmer temperatures and the hopefulness that spring always symbolizes. But as winter gives way to spring, we are also reminded that our lives […]

Get Your Affairs in Order for an Orderly Estate

You may be quite willing to plan an investment strategy for your retirement years. After all, it can be enjoyable to think about traveling the world, pursuing your hobbies or participating in any of the activities you’ve associated with an active retirement. However, once you do retire, you’ll need to “shift gears” somewhat to focus […]

Time for a Family Meeting to Discuss Financial Preparations?

During the holiday season, you no doubt have a lot going on in your life — work functions, gatherings with friends and neighbors, tracking down the elusive “perfect gift,” etc. But you may find it valuable to add one more event to your calendar: a family meeting to discuss those financial preparations that affect you […]

Senior Needs Re-Opens in the Bay

SENIOR NEEDS re-opens in Fairfield Bay. SENIOR NEEDS is independently, locally owned and operated by Joyce (Slaughter) Dobbs, a long time resident of Fairfield Bay. The vibrant business was an asset to many in the area before closing in year 2011. The closing was due to Ms. Dobbs need to devote more time to the […]

2016 Candidates Preferential Primary & NonPartisan Election

COUNTY JUDGE Roger W. Hooper (D) Brandon Bradford (R) COUNTY SHERIFF Scott Bradley (D) Lucas Emberton (R) COUNTY CIRCUIT CLERK Ester Bass (D) Debbie Gray (R) COUNTY CLERK Pam Bradford (R) Phillip W. Ellis (D) COUNTY ASSESSOR Trina A. Jones (D) Scott Bramlett (R) COUNTY COLLECTOR Lisa Nunley (D) COUNTY TREASURER Kim Hunley (D) COUNTYCORONER Joe N. Tsosie (D) JUSTICE […]