Turn Your Retirement “Vision” into Reality


Retirement can be an exciting, active time of your life. But if you’re going to get the full benefits from your retirement years — which could last two, or even three, decades — you’ll need to have a vision for what you want to do. And to transform this vision into reality, you’ll need to […]

Fairfield Bay Board of Directors NEWS

Kack Keathley

Thank You, Jack…. Jack Keathley joined the Community Club staff in September, 2009. His skill set was more advanced than this job required, or could afford, but he was ready to transition into a simpler lifestyle as he accepted lower income for the wonderful lifestyle that he wanted in his yet to come retirement years. […]

Chamber of Commerce is pleased to Announce The Ribbon Cutting Of “Fairfield Bay Photography”

Ribbon Cutting

We have a full-service Photography Studio in North-Central Arkansas! FFB Photography provides quality service at attractive prices. Also provided is personal, hands-on service. As a resident of Fairfield Bay, you can be sure that you will receive the personal attention and service that you need. •Studio Portraits •Real Estate •Location Portraits and Lifestyle Photography •Personal […]

Political Stump Meeting

Stump Speaking

Do you remember the day when communities came together at the town square to share fun food, entertainment and time with good friends and neighbors to hear from their community, state and national? Leaders who were asking for their support? It’s been years since we have had that opportunity here in Fairfield Bay. Well, all […]

Improve Your Own “Investment Environment”


On April 22, we celebrate Earth Day — a day devoted to education and action on environmental issues. As a citizen of the world, you may have a keen interest in protecting your physical surroundings. And as someone trying to reach long-term financial goals, such as a comfortable retirement, you’re probably also interested in improving […]

Moore Seeks Re-election To Board

Brian ID Pic

Brian Moore files for re-election as a Director of the FFB Community Club Board. “Having been a board member for the past three years I have played a major role as Treasure to reduce our debt load and institute sound financial principals. Working hand in hand with our Club upper managers and City Officials we […]

Grant For Health & Fitness Trail Awarded

Trail for life pictures 10

The City of Fairfield Bay is pleased to announce that Governor Mike Beebe has awarded a grant to the City in the amount of $35,000 for the construction of a Standard Health and Fitness Trail. The trail will be incorporated into the existing Rambling Cove Trail (across from Stringbeanz and behind ‘Razorback Rock’). The Standard […]

New Mexican Restaurant Coming To The Bay


Coming to Fairfield Bay in a matter of weeks, is a new Mexican restaurant called El Poblano. What was formerly Nick’s is the new home for Ramon Hernandez and Jake Gentry, owners and operators of the restaurant. Tex/Mex will be the main fare and if you desire authentic cuisine, all you have to do is […]

Prepare for Health Care Costs in Retirement


As you save and invest for retirement, what are your ultimate goals? Do you plan on traveling the world? Purchasing a vacation home? Pursuing your hobbies? People often think and plan for these costs. Yet, too often, many of us overlook what potentially could be a major expense during our retirement years: health care. By […]

Marina Makeover


Sheryl Paxton assumed management of the FFB Marina in late February and her imprint is already evident in the changes occurring at your Marina. Sheryl is the primary presenter at the Monday morning welcome breakfasts, joined by Mayor and Club GM, Paul Wellenberger. The message to guests is “have fun while in the Bay” and […]