Realtors in Action

“One of our Agents, Fred Herman of Goodwin & Herman Associates, is busy!! He serves on the Board of Directors of Federated Rural Insurance Exchange, which provides Workman’s Comp, Property, & Casualty Insurance to over 700 Rural Electric Cooperatives, such as our local Petit Jean Electric Cooperative. Fred represents all of our Co-Op members and […]

When Opportunity Knocks, Open the Door

If you’ve been around long-time investors, you’ll probably hear them say, ruefully, “If only I had gotten in on the ground floor of such-and-such computer or social media company, I’d be rich today.” That may be true — but is it really relevant to anyone? Do you have to be an early investor of a […]

Chamber Holds Duel Ribbon Cutting

What a beautiful day to hold a ribbon cutting for two of Fairfield Bay’s Realtor offices. Heather Dunn, Chamber Director, conducted both ceremonies back to back. Dale Tice and her staff of Tice Realty, moved into the Villas on Lost Creek Parkway and Shirley Johnson and her staff of Fairfield Bay Realty moved into the […]

Can you make your Investments Less “Taxing?”

Tax Freedom Day, which typically occurs in late April, according to the Tax Foundation, is the day when the nation as a whole has earned enough money to pay off its total tax bill for the year. So you may want to use this opportunity to determine if you can liberate yourself from some investment-related […]

“Cost Basis” Can Affect Your Investment Stategy

Now that it’s Tax Season, you may want to pay close attention to every part of your financial picture because it’s important to understand the factors that affect your taxes. One area to be aware of is the “cost basis” of your investments. Cost basis, also known as “tax basis,” is essentially your investment in […]

Club Auditors Issue Their Opinion on Financials

by Rocky Nickles The Club had a very good year in 2015. Our businesses in the Club and Waste Water generated a before tax net income of $281,803. Management, with agreement from the auditors, opted to increase our Reserves for Uncollectible Accounts Receivable by an additional $250,000 bringing our after tax net income to $20,454. […]

City Council Reverses Tower Decision

Last night, during the regularly scheduled meeting of the Fairfield Bay City Council, the room was packed with residents from the Lakewood Condo Association as well as other community residents to hear discussion of why the tower should be removed or construction completed. Numerous residents, presented their case, mainly to tell the Council that in […]

City Council Swears in Don Bailey As Alderman

  Don Bailey, was sworn in Monday, May 9, 2016 during the City Council meeting to fill the vacant seat left by Larry Castro due to health issues. Don will fill the seat as Alderman for Ward 3 along with John Foster. Don was sworn in by Deputy Secretary of State and City Attorney, AJ […]

FFB Foundation 501C3 to Pursue USDA grant for Mall Improvements

The Fairfield Bay Community Foundation 501C3 has been newly formed. Its purpose includes economic development activities, purchasing and management of buildings, adopting community projects, supporting other non-profits in the community, the Log Cabin Museum, and management of endowments. The Foundation board makeup will be the Community Club President plus two members appointed by the President, […]

Use “Tax Diversification” to Manage Retirement Income

You need to save and invest as much as possible to pay for the retirement lifestyle you’ve envisioned. But your retirement income also depends, to a certain degree, on how your retirement funds are taxed. And that’s why you may be interested in tax diversification. To understand the concept of tax diversification, you’ll need to […]