Heritage Creek Helping Plan During Uncertain Times

When trying to navigate uncertain times, it is nice to have retail experience on your team. Heritage Creek Financial is pleased to announce that it has welcomed a new representative, Robert Henderson, and has opened a new office servicing the Fairfield Bay area. Robert and his wife, Pamma, have lived in the area since 2007. […]

What Should You Know About Establishing A Trust

You don’t have to be a CEO or multimillionaire to benefit from a trust. In fact, many people gain advantages from establishing one – so it may be useful to learn something about this common estate-planning tool. Why would you want a trust? For one thing, if you have highly specific wishes on how and […]

Hotel Prospects Visit Fairfield Bay

On Wednesday, July 13, 2016 Hotel Prospects Moin Kazi and Jessica Junker with Cobblestone Hotels, came to tour Fairfield Bay to  consider building a hotel here in the Bay. Pictured in the Log Cabin Museum, left to right, is Wilba Thompson, Moin Kazi, Marilyn Robertson, Jessica Junker and Paul Wellenberger.

Fairfield Bay Community Club Promotions

After a thorough vetting and public meeting process your Community Club Board of Directors has agreed to fill the vacancy of our General Manager position by promoting from within. Our current Chief Financial Officer, Rocky Nickles, has been selected as the next Club General Manager and Tommy Hoffman will be promoted to the Chief Financial […]

Veteran Owned Business Council Kickoff Meeting

If you or someone you know has a Veteran Owned Business (VOB), please let them know of this information. There will be a Kickoff Meeting of the Veteran Owned Business Council on July 19 at 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce, 1200 West Capitol Avenue, Little Rock. The purpose […]

Protect Your Retirement Against Market Volatility

As an investor, you’re well aware that, over the short term, the financial markets always move up and down. During your working years, you may feel that you have time to overcome this volatility. And you’d be basing these feelings on actual evidence: the longer the investment period, the greater the tendency of the markets […]

You Can Cope with Turbulence as a Passenger and an Investor

If you’re like many travelers, you get a little nervous when your airplane goes through some turbulence. And if you’re like a lot of investors, you may get somewhat jumpy when the financial markets are volatile. Yet flight turbulence probably isn’t as scary as it seems, and the same may be true for market volatility […]

Is Your Portfolio Truly Diversified?

Life is full of ups and downs — and the financial markets are no different. As an investor, you’re no doubt happy to see the “ups” — but the “downs” can seem like a real downer. Isn’t there any way to help smooth out the volatility in your investment portfolio? First of all, to cope […]

Ribbon Cutting for New Business

The Fairfield Bay Area Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting for the newest financial service in the Bay. Heritage Creek Financial, owned and operated by Robert Henderson and his son, Tony, (who operates an office in Conway) is located in the Noacon building next to Cravens on Hwy 16. Attending the ribbon cutting were […]

How will Your Retirement Income Fit Into Your Retirement Strategy?

Have you given much thought to collecting Social Security? The answer probably depends on how old you are — but whatever your age, you’ll want to consider the best way of incorporating Social Security benefits into your retirement income strategy. Of course, if you have several decades to go until you retire, you might be […]