Fairfield Bay Hotel Opportunity November 1

The City of Fairfield Bay, Arkansas commissioned a hotel feasibility study in early 2016. Results of the study, by HVS out of Houston, Texas, concluded that a new hotel near the Fairfield BayConference Center would be a good fit. With the results in hand, the City of Fairfield Bay went into action seeking out possible […]

What are the Key Uses of Cash?

As an investor, you may find that the elements of your portfolio that seem to draw most of your attention are stocks and bonds. After all, these investment vehicles, and others derived from them, provide you with potential growth and income opportunities — which is why you invest in the first place. Yet, you also […]

Are you Prepared for Financial Disasters

“Be prepared” is the Scout motto, and it’s also pretty good advice for anyone seeking to guard against various disasters – including financial ones. Here are some events that can have serious financial consequences, along with suggestions on preparing yourself: • Loss of employment – If you were to lose your job, your family might […]

What Do Low Oil Prices Mean for Investors

As you’ve no doubt noticed, your trips to the gas station have been a lot more pleasant these past several months. There’s not much doubt that low oil prices have been welcome to you as a driver. But when oil is cheap, is that good for you as an investor? There’s no clear-cut answer. But […]

Philips Runs for Bay Constable

Former three-term Constable, Ingram Philips, recently announced for reelection against incumbent, Scott Handford, in Indian Rock Township (Fairfield Bay). Serving as Township Constable from 2008-2014, Philips is a patrolman with the Fairfield Bay Police Department. He is CEO of “City Watch Safety and Security” that has provided 911 road signs and a free “neighborhood watch” […]

Look Through This “LENS” When making Social Security Decisions

Your Social Security benefits can be an important part of your retirement income strategy. But when should you start taking these payments? You can begin accepting Social Security as early as 62, but your monthly checks will be much smaller than if you wait until your “full retirement age,” which will likely be between 66 […]

Van Buren County Land Sales Nets $35,889.44

The recent auction of tax-delinquent properties in Van Buren County collected almost $36,000 for county and state government, the Commissioner of State Lands announced. The Land Commissioner’s office conducted the auction of delinquent properties recently at the Van Buren County Courthouse Annex. The auction drew 13 bidders and sold 19 parcels for a total of […]

Are You on Track to Meet Your Financial Goals

October is Financial Planning Month. And now that you know it’s Financial Planning Month (just in case you didn’t know before), why not take the opportunity to determine if you’re on the right path toward meeting your financial goals? Consider taking these steps: Identify your goals. To know if you’re making progress toward your goals, […]

Fairfield Bay Community Foundation

Connecting people who care with projects that matter. Mike Doyle, Executive Director of the newly formed Fairfield Bay Community Foundation, addressed the FFB Rotary on September 9. Members of the Rotary, an organization with a rich tradition of service to the Bay, learned how the Community Foundation becomes another vital avenue to preserve and enrich […]

Realtors Sign Exclusive Agreement for Osage Point Luxury Townhouse

Pictured above is Fred and Willena Herman,with Goodwin & Herman Associates, Robert Otis, with ReMax on the Bay, Dale Tice, with Tice Realty and Shirley Johnson with Fairfield Bay Realty. They were given a detailed presentation of Osage Point, presented by Mike Lester, and Wayne Harlon of Ozark Resort Homes. Wayne is signing an exclusive right […]