Smart Financial Moves for Women


On March 8, we observe International Women’s Day, a celebration of women’s economic, political and social achievements. Yet women everywhere still face challenges — and here in the United States, one of their biggest challenges may be to gain the resources they need to enjoy a comfortable retirement. So, if you’re a woman, what steps […]

Winter 2013 – 2014 One for the Record Books

FFB Diamond

The staff at Public Works & Wastewater battled the ice, snow and frigid temperatures daily during the worst storms the Bay has experienced in nearly 30 years according to John Tyer, the man leading his team in this year’s battle with Mother Nature. Some numbers that speak to the magnitude of the effort – 1. […]

Willard Seeks Re-Election As Justice Of The Peace

Chuck Willard

Chuck Willard is currently the Justice of the Peace for District 04 (Van Buren County) representing our city, Fairfield Bay, and is seeking re-election for another term as an Independent. He is Committee Chairman for the Economic Development Team, as well as serving on the building and grounds committee. Chuck and his wife, Sue, have […]

Former Court Clerk Runs for County Clerk


9th Judicial District Deputy Court Clerk, Angie Hutchins, has announced her candidacy for Van Buren County, County Clerk. The County Clerk is the official bookkeeper of county government, the secretariat of the quorum court and the official voter registrar. A county clerk should be experienced, honest, and knowledgeable about the rules and procedures of county […]

Ozark Health News

David Cook

  Congessional Support For Coalition…Brian Henderson, VBC TEA Coalition Coordinator, attended CADCA’S National Leadership Forum in National Harbor, MD. While attending the Forum, CADCA dedicates a day for Coalitions to visit Capitol Hill and schedules meetings to meet with their state’s members of Congress to address the needs of their coalitions and encourage their continued […]

Saving is Good…But It’s Not Investing


It’s a good thing to have some savings. When you put the money in a low-risk account, you can be pretty sure it will be readily available when you need it. Nonetheless, “saving” is not “investing” — and knowing the difference could pay off for you far into the future. Think about it this way: […]

Owner Membership Cards 2014

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Sometime during January, all property owners received their 2014 “official membership card” to the FFB Community Club. You may have noticed that the old paper card has been replaced with a new “permanent” plastic card. There are a number of reasons the Club invested in this permanent, electronic strip card format: Savings – The cost […]

Wear & Share 2013 Annual Report

Wear & Share is a non-profit corporation governed by a Board of Directors comprised of two members appointed by each of six local churches in the area of Fairfield Bay, including the following: Fairfield Bay Baptist Church, Presbyterian Kirk of the Hills, Faith Lutheran Church, Fairfield Bay United Methodist Church, LCMS, Cornerstone Church and St. […]

On Valentine’s Day, Financial Gifts Can Be Sweet


Valentine’s Day is almost here. This year, instead of sticking with flowers or chocolates for your valentine, why not give a gift with a future? Specifically, consider making a meaningful financial gift. However, a “meaningful” gift doesn’t gain its meaning from its size, but rather its impact. What types of financial gifts can have the […]


FFB Diamond

The Bay continues to be a popular destination with timeshare visitors. 2013 saw Wyndham rent over 6,000 rooms with over 17,000 guests visiting FFB. The past two years the Club has sponsored a Monday morning welcome breakfast @ IHCC during the “season” for all interested Wyndham guests. That effort is being replaced by a new […]