“Millennials” in Good Position to Invest for the Future

If you were born anywhere from 1982 to 2001, or within a few years of this range, you are considered a “Millennial.” As a member of this group, you share many things —cultural references, familiarity with technology, attitudes toward work and family — with others your age. And if you’re one of the “older” Millennials, […]

Van Buren County Board of Realtors Elect 2017 Board of Directors

The Fairfield Bay Realtor Council hosted the monthly meeting of the Van Buren County Board of Realtors on Friday, November 18 with a hot dog/chili cookout at Fire Station #3 adjacent to the new Osage Point Luxury Townhomes construction site. 22 people attended the event with Wayne Harlan and Mike Lester of Ozark Resort Homes […]

Investors Should Avoid “Great Expectations”

Apart from death and taxes, few events in our world are consistently predictable – and investment returns are definitely not one of them. What can you, as an individual investor, do to cope with the ups and downs of the financial markets and make progress toward your long-term goals? To begin with, you should be […]

Foundation News

What is the Cornerstone Society? The Cornerstone Society are those residents and businesses that pledge to give a minimum of $1,200, payable over 24 months, to the Foundation between September 1, 2016 and August 31, 2017. They are the “founders” of the Community Foundation as their initial pledges were used to create the initial civic […]

Put Thanksgiving Lessons to Work in Your Financial Plans

Thanksgiving is almost here. Over the years, this holiday has taken on a variety of meanings, most of them centered on family, caring and sharing. You can carry these same values past Thanksgiving into your daily life – and you can certainly incorporate them into your financial strategies for taking care of your loved ones. […]

City Passes Franchise Fee Ordinance

The Fairfield Bay City Council met this past monday in the City Conference Room. The Council approved the minutes from the last meeting as well as the financial report. Council members read the 2nd and 3rd readings of the Franchise Fee Ordinance which was unanimously passed. The 2017 budget team of Robert Otis, Linda Duncan […]

Avoid “Cramming for College Savings

If you have children, you’re keenly aware that it’s getting close to back-to-school time. Today, that might mean you need to go shopping for notebooks and pencils. But in the future, when “back to school” means “off to college,” your expenditures are likely to be significantly greater. Will you be financially prepared for that day? […]

Estate Planning Tips for Blended Families

Most of us need to do some type of estate planning, but it’s especially important if you are part of a “blended” family. And the best time to start is now – before these plans need to be implemented. Estate planning can be complex, so you will need help from a qualified legal professional. But […]

You Can Cope With Turbulence As a Passenger and an Investor

If you’re like many travelers, you get a little nervous when your airplane goes through some turbulence. And if you’re like a lot of investors, you may get somewhat jumpy when the financial markets are volatile. Yet flight turbulence probably isn’t as scary as it seems, and the same may be true for market volatility […]

Osage Point Groundbreaking Makes Fairfield Bay Future Bright

photos courtesy of Alex Kielnen On Tuesday, October 18, Fairfield Bay held a groundbreaking on a project that hasn’t been seen in 25 years. Osage Point is the vision and belief in the future of Fairfield Bay by numerous members of the community and the Ozark Resort Homes. A lot of hard work went into […]