Local Professional Earns Accredited Staging Professional Designation

The softening Real Estate market is increasing homeowner demands for tools to help bring a profit in the sale of their homes. ASP Home Staging has become one such tool. By properly cleaning, decluttering and preparing a house before it is listed on the market, homeowners have a better chance of selling their home at […]

What Do Low Oil Prices Mean for Investors?


As you’ve no doubt noticed, your trips to the gas station have been a lot more pleasant these past several months. There’s not much doubt that low oil prices have been welcome to you as a driver. But when oil is cheap, is that good for you as an investor? There’s no clear-cut answer. But […]

Alternative Health And Wellness by Dr. Gus Reynolds

Augustus Reynolds

Did You Know that…. Your Heart…is the strongest muscle in your body. It beats 86,400 times a day, 33 million times a year and 3 billion times in a lifetime. It pumps 2,500 gallons of blood a day, which weighs 20 tons. All other muscles combined cannot perform this task. Your heart delivers nutrients and […]

Prepare Far Ahead for Long-term Care Costs


November is Long-Term Care Awareness Month – a month dedicated to educating the public about the need to prepare for the potentially devastating costs of long-term care. And the more you know about these expenses, the better prepared you will be to deal with them. To begin with, just how expensive is long-term care? Consider […]

FFB Community Club Financial Results 2014

FFB Diamond

Financials for fiscal year 2014 are complete, but not yet audited. That process will occur this spring. 2014 unaudited financial results outperformed our budget targets for the second year in a row. Some highlights: 1. The Club received a net insurance settlement in the amount of $679K which influenced the year end performance significantly. We […]

Be Aware of Risks of Not Investing


You’ve no doubt heard about the risks associated with investing. This investment carries this type of risk, while that investment carries another one. And it is certainly true that all investments do involve some form of risk. But what about not investing? Isn’t there some risk associated with that, too? In fact, by staying on […]

Republican Meeting


The Van Buren County Republican Committee will be holding their next meeting in Clinton at Simmons First Bank. It will be held on Monday, February 16 at 6 p.m. to eat and 7 p.m. for our meeting. The bank is located at 1783 US 65 South, Clinton.  We will meet downstairs in the back. For […]

Fairfield Bay Community Club and The Little Red Restaurant Announce Agreement


The Fairfield Bay Community Club and The Little Red Restaurant are pleased to announce an agreement in principle for the acquisition of the equipment, inventory, liquor license, and name of the area’s #1 rated restaurant on top travel web & app sites – Trip Advisor, Yelp, Urban Spoon, YP, Around Me, Facebook, Four Square, and […]

Emergency Responders Seminar

Ingram Philips, with City Watch Community Activity, has announced a special seminar focused on tornado disaster events. Mayor James Firestone, of Vilonia, will meet with 30 invitees on Thursday, February 12, 11-2 p.m. in the DPS Training Room, Fairfield Bay. The purpose of the session is to provide first-person experience to community responders from across […]


BC Glass 2x3

BC Stained Glass Even though Barbara Cornett lived and worked in the Chicago area until recently, she and her husband have had a vacation home in the Fairfield Bay area for a little more than twenty years. She has looked forward to the time she could enjoy all they love about Arkansas and last year […]