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Tax Delinquent Land Sale Scheduled for Van Buren County


A public auction for the sale of tax delinquent land in Van Buren County will be held at the Van Buren County Courthouse Annex on Tuesday, Sept. 1, at 10 a.m., according to John Thurston, Arkansas Commissioner State Lands. Registration will begin at 9:30 a.m. The Commissioner of State Lands offers an online Catalog of […]

Fairfield Bay Justice Completes UCA Community Training


Justice of the Peace Mary Philips recently completed the Community Development Institute Year One training in Conway. Standing with her are class directors, Bill Luther (left) and Tim Climer. Mary represents District 4, Fairfield Bay, Van Buren County. She was the only justice of the peace in the state who attended CDI One this summer. […]

Avoid Problems by Updating Beneficiary Designations


Like many people, you might not particularly enjoy thinking about your estate plans, but such planning is necessary to make sure your assets go where you want them to go. And it’s just as important to regularly review your plans with your tax, legal and financial professionals in case any changes are needed. For instance, […]

“Step-by-Step” Approach Can Ease Estate-planning Process


Like many people, you may enjoy investing. After all, it can be invigorating to put away money for your future, follow the performance of your investments and track the progress you’re making toward your long-term goals, such as a comfortable retirement. However, you might be less excited about doing estate planning, dreading the perceived time, […]

Ozark Health Nursing & Rehab News

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It was a busy and exciting week here at Ozark Health Nursing & Rehab. Our Queen Mary Alice Beer went shopping for her District Pageant dress at Deb’s Fashion Outlet where she purchased a long dark blue evening grown with sparkles and rhinestones. She found shoes to accent her gown at Vandygriff Shoes. On August […]

How Can Younger Investors Cope with Tough Times?


As Americans, we’re used to thinking that we will inevitably do better than our parents’ generation. But, for now at least, this type of progress may be facing some roadblocks — and this inability to gain ground, financially, can have real implications for today’s younger people and their approach to investing. Before we get to […]

Can Investors Learn from Yoga Followers?


It’s probably not on your calendar, but World Yoga Day takes place on Feb. 24. As more people have discovered its healthful benefits, yoga has grown in popularity. But whether or not you practice yoga, you can apply its lessons to other areas of your life — such as investing. Specifically, consider the following yoga-related […]

2015/2016 Committee Appointments

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Personnel Committee Susan Goff, Staff Advisor Ken Schuette, Chair Brian Moore Richard Stratton Audit Committee Rocky Nickles, Staff Advisor Ken Schuette, Chair Richard Stratton Brian Moore 401(k) Plan Trustees Susan Goff, Administrator Ken Schuette, President Linda Pratt, Vice President Lacey Mitchell, Secretary Architectural Control Sharon Boone, Board Liaison Richard Stratton, Chair Doug Landry Marketing Paul […]

Be Prepared for Those RMDs


You might not think that 70 ½ represents any particular milestone. But when you do reach this age, you will have to make some decisions that affect an important aspect of your life — your retirement income. Here’s the background: Once you turn 70 ½, you will need to start taking withdrawals from your 401(k) […]

Board Of Directors Elect Officers

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The 2015/16 Board of Directors met to elect positions. The following board members have been selected. No decision has been made at this time to fill the vacant seat.