Miles of memories by Brenda Miles

“Real Estate Can Be Fun…Sometimes” I taught high school for thirteen years. I loved it until I saw the winds of change blowing in…most of my teaching time devoted to state testing preparation. I decided to leave while I still had more good memories than bad ones. But what profession should I pursue? I decided […]

Out of Bounds by Geary Leason

“You Are Not Alone” It all started way back. Beginning from day one when we were expelled from our mother’s womb, somebody was either listening or watching us – or both. Of course we didn’t know this at that time as we were mostly sleeping, pooping, or dining at our mother’s breast – too busy […]

Thinking Out Load by Greg Allen

“Welcome to Pottersville” Spring’s a time of rejuvenation and I must say it’s my favorite time of year. But winter isn’t quite over yet and I may just watch one of those old, black & white films on DVD before the last snowflakes fly. My wife and I have an affinity for the holiday classics. […]

Out of Bounds by Geary Leason

Caught you, didn’t I! Ordinarily, as you peruse the FFB News each week, you pass by this column. Oh, you read it once or twice long ago and because you couldn’t understand it or it irritated you to no end, or the subject matter just didn’t appeal to you, you put it in your ho-hum […]

The Crazy Things We Did by Doug Nelson

“Old Duke” Duke was a good old dog; I spent my eleventh year on my uncle’s farm in North Dakota with my cousin Burt, and an old collie named Duke. Uncle Giles was a rancher, and my aunt Shirley was the superintendent of the family’s garden. Burt and I spent many hours pulling weeds from […]

Out of Bounds by Geary Leason

“How to Profit from the Upcoming Presidential Election” Huey P. Smedley, a low level Van Buren county political operator (he recently ran for Constable in the Indian Hills district and was soundly thrashed), sees nothing but some golden opportunities for himself and other aligned investors arising from the upcoming November Presidential election. He is licking […]

Thinking out Loud by Greg Allen

“America’s at the Intersection of Reflection” A new year is barely eight weeks old, yet the life of a political season won’t conclude for months. Numerous Republican presidential campaigns were born in 2015, as were a few Democrats. Some of those fledgling endeavors like that of Rick Perry, Scott Walker and Bobby Jindal didn’t last […]

The Crazy Things We Did

by Doug Nelson “The Bird Boat” I was looking through a boat trader magazine one Sunday afternoon when I came across a Tunnel Hull I/O and immediately thought of the boat we all worked on while I was in the service. I sat down and using the pictures in the magazine, drew up a set […]

Thinking Out Loud by Greg Allen

“A Tale of two Parties” That old adage “History repeats itself” has a bit of fidelity to it. So what does history tell us about the current two party political system in America and those shifting tides throughout the years within them? It tells us there’s been an undertow of liberalism with a wake of […]

Miles of Memories by Brenda Miles

This past month has been extremely difficult. Our beloved brother-in-law passed away January 4. His death was unexpected after only a 38 hour stay in MD Anderson. Soon after, we lost another family member, a cousin. Another sudden death. In addition to our sorrow, we were unable to attend either funeral. Our daughter refused to […]