Miles of Memories by Brenda Miles

My Story in Pink This is Breast Cancer Awareness month, Ladies. Have you had your mammogram? Oh, I know they aren’t high on our “fun to do” list. I’m sure many have heard the old joke about exercises that prepares one for the ordeal: 1) Open your refrigerator door and insert one breast between the […]

Out of Bounds by Geary Leason

Special Forces Veteran Tells of Raids in South Africa in 1960 This week continues the riveting military encounters of Fairfield Bay resident Doug Abernethy while serving as a member of the U.S. Special Forces (SF) in the years 1958-1962. A previous article told of the chaotic period following WWII as the world was in a […]

Out of Bounds by Geary (Smedley) Leason

Geezer Millard Smedley Wonders and Hopes Millard Smedley, one of the Bay’s more colorful and lovable geezers, held court the other day at the Docks giving any willing listener the benefit of his eight decades of accumulated wisdom as recorded here. “One of the benefits of geezerhood (defined as reaching age 80) is that a […]

Disabilities by By Daniel J. Vance, MS, LPCC

Retired Navy Captain Assists Returning Vets Tom Mayhew was only 6 when he watched his father march his mother down the hall of their El Paso, Texas, home with a rifle pointed at her back. His alcoholic father, who had all the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), was emotionally and physically abusive. During the […]

OUT OF BOUNDS By Geary (Smedley) Leason

The “Cold War” Was Not Very Cold!! This week continues the captivating story of our friend and Bay resident, Doug Abernethy, centering on the time he served with the U.S. Special Forces in the years 1958-1962. Last week’s column related the story of Doug’s participation with two Special forces platoons that by lethal force kept […]

The Crazy Things We Did – by Doug Nelson

“A Dog and His Boy” I have always been an animal lover to the point I was French kissed by my yellow lab who could lick the bottom of a 40 oz. peanut butter jar. I have had many very special K-9 friends from Duke, the collie to Moose the bull-mastiff. I grew up on […]

Out of Bounds by Geary (Smedley) Leason

Special Forces Safeguard a President Last week began the story about one of our neighbors, Doug Abernethy, who as a young man and a member of the first U.S. Special Forces, had the duty of guarding President Eisenhower on his “Flight of Peace” goodwill trip to the Mideast in December, 1959. President Eisenhower was resting […]

Out of Bounds by Geary (Smedley) Leason

The Small Town Kid and President Eisenhower The Bay is loaded with senior citizens and they all come with life stories – some very interesting ones, a few filled with excitement and drama, but most are routine and common. But every once in a while, you come across someone who has a story that is […]

Miles of Memories by Brenda Miles

“Saturday Nights/Dixie Dog Delights” My friend, Suzanne, learned to drive before I did. On a Saturday night she would often come to my door and announce, “Let’s go to Fordyce!” a near-by town that had a dairy bar called the “Dixie Dog.” It was a favorite teenage hang out famous for its signature entree–a corn […]

Out of Bounds by Geary (Smedley) Leason

Smedley Stays Behind the Curve Homer Smedley, one of the Bay’s more unimportant geezers, declared the other day that he finally mastered the technology of the 20th Century, after spending years learning how to operate the myriad of new-gangled gadgets of the 1900s. He spoke of such marvels as the refrigerator, the radio, the toaster […]