Care Cap Connections® Travels To Vanderbilt


Fairfield Bay’s “Care Cap Connections®” traveled to Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, Nashville, Tennessee last week. Responding to a request from Kim Maes, Cancer Patient Care Center program coordinator, Mary Philips, founder-director, took the Care Cap sewing machines, fabrics and her expertise to Gilda’s Club Cancer Foundation near the University for two days of volunteer training. Forty of the medical center’s 800 volunteers; joined Mary to learn how to make the caps. Ms Maes hopes they can start their own independent project. This has also long-been the Care Cap goal. Ingram Philips who has shipped several thousand garments to Vanderbilt for five years noted, “Over 46,000 have gone to cancer centers and individuals since our 2006 beginning. We now have one group at the University of Arkansas Medical Center that sews their own but we supply the leadership, machines and fabrics. We also have small individual groups in Texas and Florida. Vandy—if it continues—will not rely on us for any resources. We would like to see that happen—to train institution volunteers to produce their caps fits right in with our long range plan.” According to Kim Maes, “Every day, we see women in our center who are wearing the caps. Care Caps are unique. I hope we can make our own and appreciate all that Mary did in the two days with us and enjoyed taking the Philips to see our facilities.” Mary taught an equal number of volunteers each day. Some rotated to every position to learn the complete process while others worked at one task. Included in the group were university students “…joining a noble cause”, several men, one who was “…doing this in memory of my wife” and several cancer survivors, one in active therapy. Over 80 caps were sewn and kept for the medical center. One was given away on the spot to an bald outpatient who passed by the sewing session. “I was so excited when Kim called about doing this training,” said Mary. “I keep marveling at what a neat time we had. There was so much fun and love at Gilda’s. Kim made nice arrangements for us and everyone was very dedicated to the project. I am praying they will find a leader to continue Care Caps on site.” Care Caps meets again in the Bay at the Presbyterian Kirk on November 8 after an October break. Mary, however, after arriving home late Saturday afternoon, pulled out again on Sunday for sew-ins in Hot Springs Village and at Diamondhead.

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