Business Profile: Lois Y. Randel CPCU

Lois Randel, a Fairfield Bay resident since 1999, is offering some much needed and very unique services to our community. Lois recently stopped by to share with us some information about her background and experiences which make her such a valuable resource for sorting through business details in our own daily lives. She explained the initials after her name stand for “Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter” a professional designation she has achieved. Now, enjoying her ‘retirement’, Lois still sees a way she can give back to the community.

Lois Randel has a lifetime of experience, education and training that she’s offering to us for low fees, convenient appointments and cheerful service. Lois has built a successful business from the ground up, worked in marketing, insurance and the legal industry.

Dealing with some business, insurance or contract details may be causing us some confusion, concern or difficulty. Sometimes we are requested to respond by business letter, fax or email and we may not have access to the office equipment needed to correspond.

She is not selling anything but service and using her accumulated knowledge to help others get results as needed. You can call on Lois for a simple matter, like sending letters, emails or faxes. She can also help you understand complicated contracts and insurance claim forms, living wills, estate wills, and other clerical matters.

If you need help with a single issue or with getting through piles of paperwork, Lois will be glad to offer her services for reasonable rates. You can contact Lois by calling her at 253-6537. Discuss your goals and she will give you an idea of what you can expect from her. A copy of her extensive resume is always available upon request.

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