Broadcasting Life

By Sara Michael.  I’ve discovered I work like a radio. I can tune in to any station I choose and be the recipient of that particular broadcast and frequency. And the best part is, it is completely my choice and completely within my control. No one else holds the controls to where my attention lies… only me. Always. Einstein said “Imagination is greater than knowledge.” He may have been talking about science or life in general, or both. Either way, it’s a wise perspective. We have the ability to conjure our own state of love, contentment, and joy by dwelling on the things and people that evoke those emotions within us. Can you feel it? They don’t have to be anywhere near us and when we allow ourselves to let go and bask in the good feelings….there we are. Period. Likewise, if we dwell on any negativity and roll around in it out of habit, we are tuning ourselves right out of bliss and into frustration, anger, and fear. What’s the value of habitual complaining? Who does it help? Can you feel it? This is not a place any of us want to hang out in because we’re really all looking to be happy. Thinking about something that upsets us hurts; these emotions are painful. Take a peek around the corner and look for something sweet. When you see it notice that the pain subsides and inner lightness returns. You are the master. You get to choose.

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