Bike and Hike Challenge

Join the fun and view the beautiful new trails; up close and personal, that the city has forged, or stay on the paved roads, enjoying spring from the developed Hart center trails. For those with allergies or if you simply prefer a good walk or workout challenge inside, this is for you.

The outdoor challenging trails are The Lakewood Trail, the Mountain Ranch Trail and the Northwood Hills Trail. For participants who hike or bike the outdoor trails, there will be extra points awarded for photos taken at designated spots along the trails.

The paved outdoor trails are the Hart Center 5K route, the Dave Creek Parkway Route, and the Eagle Ridge route.

The indoor challenges include the walking/running track, treadmills, ellipticals and the recumbent bikes.

All points will be logged in at the Hart Center, plus, you will be able to see the progress of other participants.

For both non-members & members of the Hart Center there is a $25 registration fee. This gives you three months of Hart Center use. All fees will be used to purchase exercise equipment for the Hart Center. Prizes will be awarded for participants who accumulate the largest number of points.

The Challenge begins March 1 and runs through May 31. Registration will begin the week prior to the start of the Challenge. Earn those points no matter what your fitness level or challenge you desire. Time to stop talking and start walking!

Points… Hart Center Indoor Points=1 pt. per mile Hart Center 5k outdoor paved trail & Eagle Ridge paved trail=3 points Lakewood & Mountain Ranch trails, hiking=15 points, biking=20 points Northwood Hills trail, hiking=24 points, biking=32 points

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