Bandwidth What is it? Why does it matter?

We constantly look for ways to measure effectiveness of our internet marketing efforts and recently were advised by our webmaster, Cotton Rohrscheib, of a most important indicator that required action on his part.

He found it necessary to increase the bandwidth (monthly data transfer rate) that accommodates traffic on our web site as our October 2013 demand has increased 11 fold over the demand we generated one year ago in the same month. He explained that demand is occurring because 1) more people are visiting our web site and 2) they are spending more time on our site during their visits. Both of those are strong indicators of the success we are enjoying driving people to the site and their interest level once they enter the site.

Inadequate bandwidth results in visitors finding the site slow to respond, or in worst case, receiving a message that bandwidth is exceeded and the site is not available at the present time. We were victims of our own success! Our site now accommodates todays typical traffic without those potential disrupters.

What does it mean and why does it matter? More people are discovering FFB and more importantly, they are very interested in the information contained in our web site – a key element to future growth of the Bay.

Community Club Board of Directors, Dwayne Miller

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