Baby Boy Bently

Helping HandsWhen our new baby is born, don’t we check the fingers and toes to see if all are wiggling properly? Bently’s fingers and toes are working, but he was born with a serious heart defect. Although not considered “rare,” the condition is so complicated that only two surgeons in the country have performed the surgery. Bentley is fortunate to be treated at Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock by a physician who is familiar with the procedure and is willing to perform the surgery, along with an entire support team on Friday, October 18, if Bently is strong enough and free from unrelated complications.

Little 8-month-old Bently’s development has been restricted so he has become very weak, with labored breathing and without the normal nutrients received in food. Bently’s Dad is one of our own Fairfield Bay employees. Will Lowry is the Sous Chef at Indian Hills Top of the Rock Restaurant. Bently’s mother is enrolled in nursing school. They need all of us to rally behind them in any way we can. Donations can be made to the Bently Lowry Trust Fund at the First Arkansas Bank in Greers Ferry to help with the many personal expenses that Bently’s stay at Children’s Hospital will incur. In the meantime, say a prayer for little Bently and his family.

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