Artists League Hold Christmas Party And Gift Exchange

Joyce Hartman

Gift ExchangeSPRING IS HERE! We know winter’s over now because the NCA Artist League held their rescheduled Monday morning Christmas party, postponed four or five times due to ice and snow. Finally, on March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, the temperatures got warm enough to melt the weekly Sunday night’s freezing rain and snow, and 19 artists celebrated with the wearing of the green, a potluck, and creative art exchange. They are (from left, back row) Pamma Henderson, Secretary Jan Cobb, Kathleen Hadley, President Joyce Hartmann, Alecs Long, Ellen Kelly, Charlotte Rierson, Carolyn Goettsch, Ann Snyder, Gay Ryan, Julie Caswell, Judy Shumann (from left, front row), Connie Hood, Melva King, Michelle Bry, Kim Walker, and Vice President Joan Bland. Call any member to learn more about joining the club, which meets each Monday morning to paint together in Fairfield Bay. Photo courtesy of Shawn Jacka.

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