APL Seeks Qualified Applicants For Board Members

In the next few weeks we will be having elections for Board members of the Animal Protection League. This is very important election for our community. Many caring individuals in our community, and our wonderful volunteers are sharing time and resources to continue the mission of the Shelter, which is to provide the best possible care for lost, neglected, unwanted and abused animals, while they ugently await “forever homes.”

Over the past two years, our membeship, volunteers and donations have decreased significantly, despite the wonderful community response to our fund raising efforts.

As supporters of the Animal Protection League, we ask each candidate running for the Board positions to publicly state their individual and specific plans for the future of the Shelter, including proposed plans.

Issues of great concern to supporters of the Shelter include the following: 1. Getting the donated generator functioning. 2. provide year-long heating and air conditioning (repairs, or a new unit). 3. Best practices for investing monetary donations. 4. Grant writing for food, litter and money for day-to-day operations. 5. Training and enrichment opportunities for employees as well as volunteers.

We ask that the candidates be open to listening, sharing ideas, options, educating the public about the fundamental operations of the shelter and the mission of the League.

The election of the 2013 APL Board will take place on January 10, 2013 and all APL members must have a current membership by December 31, 2012 in order to vote. If you have questions or concerns please contact Linda Ritchie, Membership Chair, at 884-3396.

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