An Amazing Afternoon

The Fairfield Bay Garden Club recently had the pleasure of visiting and touring gorgeous gardens in Mountain View last week and what a wonderful time we had. While the skies looked threatening when we left the Bay, the rain never actually came and the intermittent overcast provided a welcome shield against the warm sun.

Once we reached Mountain View, our day began with lunch out on the deck, overlooking the water at Anglers Restaurant. Since they’re known for their catfish (non-conformists that we are), that’s what we ordered and enjoyed every mouthful. From there, we drove the short distance to the gardens of the Devon’s, who combine a wide variety of lovely plants and flowers with beautiful seating areas, a pond and waterfountain, along with whimsically interwoven art objects.

Where else can one peek beneath the greenery and spy a hand wearing a ring with a huge gemstone poised to play a full-sized trombone? Or an iron bird sculpture blending seamlessly onto a weathered log? And don’t forget the ceramic turtle, mounted glassware, assorted frogs or Crystal, the imposing statue guarding the gateway into the garden. A cold glass of iced tea under the wisteria-laden trellis and our hostess gifted us with seedlings and sent us on our way to Mellon’s General Country Store, where we were treated to a mini-concert just for us. Another stop for coffee and frozen yogurt and it was back home again. Tired, with a touch of sunburn and a few bug bites, but smiling and ready for another visit very soon.

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