Advertising the Bay KFFB Radio

KFFB radio has been the voice of, and favorite radio station of Fairfield Bay for too many years to count. The Club has long invested with ads targeted at people already in the Bay. Those advertising dollars are being realigned, focusing our ads to bring people TO the Bay.

Those of us who have our radio dial tuned to 106.1 FM on a daily basis already have noticed that the historical radio spots were replaced, featuring the “Bloomin’ in the Bay” event. The next generation of ads will promote visiting the Bay via our “Someday Pass”, inviting non timeshare visitors to immerse themselves in our daily Bay lifestyle for 3 days and 2 nights at a great savings.

You might also have noticed a new voice in those ads that’s just a bit different from the familiar voices we enjoy daily from our local radio source. Celle Newsome is our new on air personality representing FFB. She has a delightful “radio voice” and her enthusiasm is sure to attract folks to check out the Bay. Be sure to thank Celle for volunteering her time and talent to become the new “Voice of the Bay.”

KFFB is a valuable resource and not just “a little local radio station.”

Their coverage area includes:
11 counties
166 cities
300,000 people

Further research indicates that those 300,000 plus residents reached spend in excess of $2 Billion annually. We invite them to spend some of those dollars right here in FFB.

Community Club Board of Directors
Dwayne Miller

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