A Quester’s Christmas

Davis Special Questers held their Christmas luncheon December 19. It was held in the seasonally decorated home of Jane Hempstead. Betty Vagedes prepared a lunch of shrimp salad, chicken salad and cranberry salad. Jane served a dessert of cheesecake with raspberry sauce.

Instead of exchanging gifts, we donated money to the Shirley Food Bank. Betty made Christmas crackers for us. They were invented by Tom Smith in the 1800’s. On a trip to Paris, he discovered the bon bon sugared almond wrapped in a twist of tissue paper. He created interest in this product. It became a Christmas tradition. He came up with a cracking devise that created a pop as the wrapping was broken. The business grew until he established a factory. A small gift was usually found inside the cracker. Exclusive crackers were made for the Royal Family of England. They are made for them to this day.

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