“A Miracle A Day”

by Jim & Phyllis Wilkins

“A Miracle A Day” is the motto of the Mid-South Lions Sight and Hearing Service. In 1941 Dr Louis Levy brought a program to the Memphis Downtown Lions about a new service project to provide sight-saving surgeries to those in need at no cost to the patient. Now almost 70 years later the founding club, the Memphis Downtown Lions Club continues to support Mid-South through its foundation and the Daisy Chapman Fund. In 1942 with the cooperation of local ophthalmologists and hospitals, formed an organization whose sole purpose was to provide help to needy people in mid-America who had sight deficiencies. Originally consisting of Mid-South states Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee the group was joined by Missouri in 1982 to provide service to those in need. The mission of Mid-South Lions Sight and Hearing Service is to positively enhance the lives of the indigent sight or hearing impaired by providing light, sound, and hope through partnerships between Lions Clubs, medical professionals and facilities throughout the Mid-South. The main sight clinic is located in the Hamilton Eye Institute in Memphis and the hearing clinic is located in the Methodist Hospital Central in Memphis. The Lions have also made agreements with facilities to create satellite clinics in Rogers, AR, Hot Springs, AR, Mountain Home, AR, Rolla, MO, Jackson, MS, Columbus, MS and Ocean Springs, MS. As in 1942, Mid South Lions does not accept government funding. And to this day, Mid-South Lions Sight and Hearing Service provides all of its services at NO CHARGE to the patient. Participating Lions Clubs provide transportation and eyeglasses. All other charges are provided by Mid South Lions Sight and Hearing Service. To learn more about the Mid-South Lions Sight and Hearing Service please visit their web site @
The next Fairfield Bay Lion’s meeting will feature Fairfield Bay Mayor and Community Club General Manager Lion Paul Wellenberger as our speaker. The meeting will be Thursday 27 February with dinner being served at 5:30 pm followed by a short meeting and our speaker @ 6 pm with a question and answer period to follow. Visiting Lions and fellow community members are always welcome at our meetings. Questions or information on joining the Fairfield Bay Lions should be directed to our Membership Chair Lion Mary Meadows @ 884-6388.

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