A Fond Farewell

Tara Morgan

MishiaBurtonHere at Indian Rock Village (IRV), when the Christmas season comes around, we begin to think of time spent with our families, joyful celebrations and the many traditions of the holiday season. In our community, the spirit of placing decorations and wreaths on the doorways, the twinkle of lights at night and the sounds of joyous laughter are all around. It only happens at this special time of the year…the time we call “Christmas.”

We also have another tradition that the residents, visitors and staff at IRV have looked forward to for many years…to see the great dedication, in action, of one of our own staff members, Mishia Burton. Mishia has placed her beloved story telling Christmas Village in our display case each year for the past 12 years. It took many years to acquire the items in which she places into that case.

There is, of course, the town square of long ago, where you went to purchase the items needed to fix a leaky faucet from the local Hardware Store, and then off to the Meat Market, for the roast that was going to be served to the visiting Pastor after Church…the same town square where everyone knew each other and their families. Mishia also has items that depict scenes of today’s modern conveniences, like the local chain store. When looking at her display, it takes you from the farmhouse of yesteryear…the time of your great grandparents, to the here and now of today.

I would like to say how I greatly appreciate the story telling of Mishia’s Christmas Village that has been so lovingly placed at IRV every year.-

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