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Annual Town Meeting Gives Exciting news

Pictured is the 2016/17 Board of Directors with Rocky Nickles GM. Left to right is: Rocky Nickles, Bill Fisher, Dave Foster, Rose Shurts, Ken Schuette, Terri Hargrove, Lacey Mitchell and Jack Weeks. The Annual Town Meeting last of the Fairfield Bay Community Club opened to a packed house. Paul Wellenberger, Ken Schuette and Rocky Nickles […]

Sorority Makes Multiple Donations From Style Show Proceeds

Beta Sigma Phi, XI Gamma Kappa Chapter donated $250 to each organization listed below. The money donated is from the Spring Style Show that is always held in April. We thank everyone for their support of this yearly event. Representing recipient organizations are from left to right: Alice Chambers, Fairfield Bay Library; Lea Berry, NCAFA […]

Wood Carving in Fairfield Bay Looking to Boost Membership

Do you like working with your hands, seeing a baren object turn into a beautiful piece of work? Do you have the patience to allow the work to develop into something special? If so, then wood carving could very well be a hobby just for you. Wood carving has probably been around about as long […]

Heritage Creek Helping Plan During Uncertain Times

When trying to navigate uncertain times, it is nice to have retail experience on your team. Heritage Creek Financial is pleased to announce that it has welcomed a new representative, Robert Henderson, and has opened a new office servicing the Fairfield Bay area. Robert and his wife, Pamma, have lived in the area since 2007. […]

What Should You Know About Establishing A Trust

You don’t have to be a CEO or multimillionaire to benefit from a trust. In fact, many people gain advantages from establishing one – so it may be useful to learn something about this common estate-planning tool. Why would you want a trust? For one thing, if you have highly specific wishes on how and […]

In Case You Missed It!!!

Things the Club and City are Working on NOW! Hotel: Hosted an investor from Conway. Working site locations, sewer, water, and electrical hookups. Provided additional information to 2 prospective investors. Grants submitted for the USDA mall building 2 project and the sidewalk. Fairfield Bay Community Foundation formed. Will kickoff fundraising on 7/19. Preconstruction meeting held […]

Huge Book Sale at FFB Library

Join the Fairfield Bay Library Friends, Inc. for a HUGE BOOK SALE on July 29 and 30, from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. each day. This is a fund raiser for the Fairfield Bay Library. This event will take place at the Fairfield Bay Lion’s Club, at 365 Dave Creek Parkway, in Fairfield Bay. Most […]

Thinking Out Loud by Greg Allen

Mount Rushmore & Things Acquiescent Part 1 My wife and I recently had the opportunity to tour a few Western states and it gave birth to a flood of stirring thoughts – it was perceptive insight that one can only reflect upon by standing in the presence of such a great witness. During our trip […]


One-Armed Softball Star Shines Part II Last week you read the first of two columns featuring 17-year-old Katelyn Pavey, a one-armed, fastpitch softball phenom from Lanesville, Indiana. You learned she made All-Conference her junior year at Lanesville High School, batted .411, played centerfield, and was receiving interest from NAIA to Division 1 college softball coaches. […]

Leading in Humility by Brie A.

Psalm 91:1-2 Proverbs 11:2 James 4:10-12 Deuteronomy 32:35 1 Peter 5:6 So, in one of my online thingies, there were a couple of kids who were in a rather heated argument. It was kind of disturbing. We need to work together. I remember getting into a rather heated argument (we called it a debate, but […]