2013 was a great year…. So…What’s in store for 2014?

Paul Wellenberger/Mayor

In 2013, together, we accomplished so much: Reopened the Conference Center; built a Dog Park; created a Recycle Education Center; upgraded our fire equipment with new Wildland firefighting gear and new hose nozzles; held ‘best ever’ signature events; opened new businesses and restaurants; and by the way, real estate sales dollar volume went up 48.7% and sales taxes are up. Our trajectory is definitely up.

So what’s in store in 2014: The Conference Center is already working on 47 scheduled events- this means visitors, exposures and tax revenues; The Villas Hotel at Fairfield Bay is under construction now. Repair and refurbishment of 63 rooms in the Shadowridge Villas, some are completed and ready to rent; the improved and raised crossing of Lynn Creek at West Cliff Drive will open in February; new Eagle Tiff Bermuda greens will be installed at Indian Hills; Sharky’s will open at the Bay View Club; we are pursuing a potential new medical clinic; Connector Trail from Woodland Mead Park to Ed Leamon Park will complete and will include a Professional Disc Golf Course; a Fit for Life Trail at the current Rambling Cove Trail location is planned; improvements are planned for the Animal Shelter, including improved energy efficiency modifications and a dog run; creation of a 4th paved entrance off of Highway 16; Recycle center improvements include a facility for receiving paint and E-waste recycling vouchers; New Consoles for our 911 call center; Continued training, documentation and equipment to achieve our goal of moving our fire ISO rating from a 6 to a 3, creating insurance savings for all of us and making Fairfield Bay an even safer place to live; increased marina retail sales area and boat repair capabilities; pursuing new initiatives that evolve from our Idea Incubator Team; and finally, laying out the long term roadmap for Fairfield Bay with our Imagine Fairfield Bay 2035 team.

It is an exciting time to be in Fairfield Bay. Thanks to all of you, we are overcoming resource limitations and making fantastic progress.

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