2013 Chunky Dunk Celebrates Charter Members


It was a time of celebration and a time of cooling our jets. This years Chunky Dunk was was dedicated to two Charter members, Dick Leitner and Betty Roberts that started this New Years Day 2002. By the expressions on the faces you can tell the water was a bit chilly, and afterwards it was time to warm up at the VFW with some homemade chili, blackeyed peas and lots of desserts and snacks. This year yielded 23 brave souls taking the plunge. In no particular order they are: Patti Leitner, Larry & Gesine LaDage, Deb Zoelzer, Nancy Mueller, Tom Tangen, Chris Lang, Marla Magness, Jerry McCabe, Mike Tennyson, Doug Landry, Bill Bailey, Tom Welch, David and Tauna McBee, Harold  O’Dell (Slo Poke), Ana Aparicio, Bonnie and Larry Raymond, Karen Brownson, Gary Guess, Eleanor Hilsenrath, and yours truly Dan Feuer. Checkout the video on our facebook page.                                                                                                  Photo courtesy of Ron and Lori Phillips

NDO_5517  NDO_5527  NDO_5528  NDO_5567c

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